Learning Objective Design Deck (Digital Version)

Print your own version of the deck. All you need is a few sheets of paper and a printer. Once cut, it can be used individually or in teams. Please use heavy paper (e.g. 300g/m3) with matte coating and high quality color printing for the best user experience.

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Use the Learning Objective Design Deck to plan effective learning outcomes for any educational context. The deck is based on the well established Bloom’s Taxonomy and provides an interactive approach to curriculum design to ensure conceptual and procedural consistency.

The Learning Objective Design Deck is aimed at educators, instructional designers or anyone tasked with creating educational content, ranging from video tutorials, articles and books to workshops, projects and entire classes in school or university.

With its modular design process, the Learning Objective Design Deck provides a simple yet flexible template for constructing and writing learning objectives and assessment strategies. Use it to create tangible output that is ready for immediate application. The cards are designed to easily ideate and articulate learning objectives. They are composed by combining operator and verb cards to address different cognitive dimensions. Post-its can be used to customize and add context to your own learning design.

A design cycle with the Learning Objective Design Deck can be run individually or in teams as a design studio-like session. It makes the process of designing learning objectives creative, collaborative and even fun.